SL Coal Incense Q&A

Q: Why did you commercialize a relic from the past, such as coal?
A: The SL Coal Incense was commercialized for those who have nostalgic memories of the distinctive smell of burning coal. In particular, it is intended for people who spent their youth in the middle of the Showa period. They are those who have memories and memories of the classroom stoves and steam locomotives of their elementary schools.  However, if you feel the smell of burning coal is a bad odor, please refrain from using this product.  As the creator of this product, we would be happy if this product brings back your nostalgic memories and memories through the proust effect, and if you can enjoy a pleasant moment with it.

Q: What is the proust effect?

Q: What is the Proust effect?
A: The Proust effect is a phenomenon in which a smell that is unique to each person brings back memories and memories of the past. (The French writer Marcel Proust wrote at the beginning of his masterpiece “In Search of Lost Time” that “the smell of madeleines soaked in tea brings back pleasant memories and memories of the past all at once”.

Q: Can I expect a Proust effect?

Q: There are many sources of odors that can produce the Proust effect, but why did you start commercializing coal?
A: The proust effect depends on what kind of memory each person has of the scent. Based on my own experience, I am convinced that coal is the most likely source of the Proust effect.

Q: How many different types of coal are prepared?

Q: There seem to be several types of coal available.
A: They are all genuine. Many of the domestic coal mines have been closed for decades, but we have done our best to obtain genuine coal from the past.

We are doing our best to obtain genuine coal from the past.

Q:What is SL standard coal?
A: This is the coal used by modern preserved steam locomotives.

A: This is the coal used in modern preserved steam locomotives.

Q: What grade is the coking coal?
A: SL coal incense is made from bituminous coal. It was used in school stoves and steam locomotives during the Showa period. Incidentally, anthracite coal, which is considered a higher grade, has a higher carbonization rate and combustion efficiency, making it harder to smell.

Q:Why is it necessary to have products by region of origin?
A: To allow customers to enjoy different aromas from different regions. Bituminous coal contains 10-20% impurities, which vary slightly from region to region. This is what gives each product its unique odor.

Q: What is bituminous coal?

Q: Can’t you make products by coal mines such as Manda, Miike, Yubari, and Bibai, instead of Chikuho, Ishikari, and other coal fields?
A: I think you are right, but there are more than 100 coal mines that existed in the past in Japan alone, and we have decided that it is impossible to have a product lineup that covers all of them. In the future, if there is a request and we can obtain the original materials, we will offer them as a limited edition product.

Q: Is there any concern about toxicity?

Q: Is there any concern about toxicity?
A: Coal has been consumed in large quantities around the world for more than 100 years, and although carbon monoxide poisoning caused by excessive inhalation or incomplete combustion has been a problem, there has generally been no toxicity problem from the burning of coal itself.
The amount of gas produced by a single stick of SL coal incense is very small.

Q: Is coal an SDG issue?

Q: Coal is being demonized in the SDGs, but isn’t that a problem?

A: The amount of coal particles in SL Coal Incense is very small, so the amount of carbon dioxide emitted is also very small. In thermal power plants, emissions are a problem because they burn 100 tons of coal every day, but we believe that the amount of emissions is negligible in this product.

However, we believe that the emissions are negligible for this product.

Q: Is there any equivalent to the shelf life?

A: No, there is not. Coal was formed in the ground over a million years, so it can be said that it has an unlimited shelf life. However, there is a possibility that mold may grow on the auxiliary agent used in the production of this product, so please store it in a dry, cool, and dark place.