SL Coal Incense/ishikari

SL Coal Incense/ishikari

・Product Specifications
Product name SL Coal Incense
Size of 1 piece 10 x 3 x 25mm
Weight of 1 piece: approx. 1 g
The following four types of products are available according to the place of origin of the coal, the number of pieces, and whether or not a special holder is used.
Coal from Ishikari Coal Field, Hokkaido
Normal 2,500 yen (including consumption tax and domestic postage)
20 pieces of Coal Incense from Hokkaido Coal Field, using a common printed box for Coal Incense. Identification by sealed label

This product was created to bring back memories of the burning smell of coal, which was widely used as fuel throughout Japan until the middle of the Showa period (1926-1989).

It is made from real coal and produced according to the traditional Japanese incense manufacturing procedure.

Recently, various odors have been taken up in the name of the Proustian phenomenon. This phenomenon seems to refer to the fact that people have odor memories deeply connected with their deepest memories (mainly of events in their infancy and childhood), and although they usually forget about them, they suddenly and vividly come back to life as soon as they sense the smell.

The name “Madeleine” is derived from the smell of madeleines dipped in tea at the beginning of “In Search of Lost Time” by Marcel Proust, the great French writer, which vividly evokes forgotten memories from which the story develops.

For those who spent their childhood in the 1950s and 1960s, the smell of burning coal, such as coal stoves in classrooms and working steam locomotives, seems to be a part of their fond memories.

We hope that this product will help these people recall their memories of their youth and immerse them in the memories of those days.

Please take care of fire prevention and ventilation when using this product, and if you are offended by this product, please stop using it immediately.

How to use

Usage is the same as for mosquito coils used at home.

  1. Take out the box, and set the “SUBRING” type receptacle on the special tray. 2.
    Insert the SL Coal Incense into the U-shaped tip of the receptacle. 3.
  2. Ignite the SL coal incense with a lighter from the opposite side of the receiver.
      If it is difficult to ignite due to temperature or humidity, lengthen the ignition time.
  3. Enjoy the smell of the SL Coal Incense, which burns for about 10 minutes.
  4. After use, cover with the special tray and lid to shut off the air and make sure it is completely extinguished.